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Seminar of the ordinary

On Tuesday, December 6th
01/30-103/30 pm MMSH, room 1
Within the framework of the Seminaries inter-laboratories of the MMSH,

#1 DesOrdinaires, ordinary of the trouble and disorders(confusions) of the ordinary in the Mediterranean Sea (XVIe-XXIe centuries)
Seminar interlaboratories (Center Norbert Elias, Idemec, Iremam, Telemme) invite you to the first session of its programming 2016-2017.
The Habit in the crisis
- Jérémie Foa (AMU, TELEMME): the " regression towards the habits " in times of crisis (Michel Dobry’s reading, Sociology of the political crises, Paris, Press of Sces Po, on 1987).
- Nicolas Vidoni (AMU, TELEMME): uses of the habit to historian-ne-s.

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