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Higher education

From Undergraduate (BA) to Postgraduate (PhD) degrees, the IDEMEC is actively involved in higher education in Anthropology. The IDEMEC’s teachers are linked to the Department of Anthropology of the Aix-Marseille University (AMU). Valérie Feschet and Laurence Hérault, members of the IDEMEC, are respectively in charge of BA and MA teaching management at the Department of Anthropology. A few teachers of the IDEMEC, are involved in various Department’s courses. In addition, members of the IDEMEC, researchers and teachers, supervise about thirty PhD students registered at the PhD Studies Department "Spaces, Cultures, Societies" (ED 355 - École doctorale "espaces, cultures, sociétés").


Undergraduate degree of the AMU’s Department of Anthropology only focuses onto social and cultural Anthropology (Ethnology). Graduate degree is divided into specialities and learning "routes". The IDEMEC’s common seminar is included in some of this routes.
In addition to the regular seminar, a bi-annual co-organized seminar gathers students, researchers and members of all associated laboratories of the Department of Anthropology. So students can have comparative perspectives on cultural areas to which they are unfamiliar, developing in this way their knowledge of general anthropology.


Some IDEMEC’s researchers have an Accreditation to Supervise Researches ("habilitation à diriger des recherches" - HDR) to supervise PhD students of the IDEMEC.

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