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Seminar "Mobilities, identities and territories"

("Mobilités, identités et territoires")

Seminar "Mobilities, identities and territories"

10 & 12 March 2015
Centre de recherche français à Jérusalem (CRFJ), Israel
Institut français du Proche-Orient (IFPO), Amman - Jordania

As part of multidisciplinary research on migrations, the French Research Center in Jerusalem (CRFJ) and the French Institute of the Middle East (IFPO) in Amman are organizing a two-day seminar inviting researchers of the Axis "Mobilities, Identities and territories ", members of the International College of Sciences of the territory (CIST).
The main objective of these days is to provide knowledge on new migrations dynamics and their impacts at local, regional and interregional Middle East’s scales. This meeting favor a methodological analysis by articulating the different times of mobility, daily and spatial practices that shaping the living spaces, with trajectories that unfold throughout life. Exploring the construction of the sense of “belonging” (interference, dependencies, assignment) to a territory, in connection with the migration histories, as strategies and results of negotiations of identity in its multiple dimensions (geographical, cultural, economic, social, etc.) and construction levels (individual, family, group). Conversely, grasp the identity of a territory as a result of all the representations which are building back collective identities.

Provisional Timetable :

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