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La grotte d’Élie au Mont Carmel - Lieux saints partagés (2015)

Ethnographic documentary

Direction : Manoël Pénicaud
Production : Mucem / Idemec
Length : 3 minutes
Language : French

Mount Carmel, rising above the Mediterranean and the city of Haifa, is the place where, according to the Bible, the prophet Elijah fought the priests of the god Baal. At the foot of the promontory is a cave where the prophet is said to have lived. Since the Middle Ages, this holy place has been shared by the three monotheistic religions, despite a succession of appropriations by different denominations. Today, this shrine is Jewish, but Christians, Druze and Muslims can often be seen there as well. Here the sacred site is shared peacefully, unlike the shrines of Jerusalem and Hebron.

This documentary has been made for the exhibition Lieux saints partagés at the Musée des civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée (Mucem) in Marseille, april-august 2015.

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