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Forum de la Méditerranée

Forum de la Méditerranée

Thursday, March 17th, 2016
02:00pm-05:00pm Villa Mediterranée - Lecture hall - Marseille

During Forum of The Mediterranean Sea which will take place from 17 till 19 March 2016, in Marseille, in MuCEM and in Villa Mediterranée , Katia Boissevain (IDEMEC) and Loïc Le Pape (IDEMEC) will give a conference.

Session 5-1: " Religions and Social Practices - Sacred Spaces and Rites: Archaeology, Production and Transmission "Moderator: John Scheid (Collège de France)

  • Katia Boissevain ( IDEMEC), Loïc Le Pape (IDEMEC), Vincenzo Pace (Univ. Of Padua) and al. - " The religious circulations and their anchorings in the Mediterranean Sea: first ranging-poles(milestones) of a collective research ".

Programm/ ANR Cirelanmed